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Position and Leadership Statement | Director of Operations

The Kingsport Homeless Ministry is hiring a Director of Operations for Grace House Kingsport. The Director of Operations of Grace House Kingsport serves as Chief Executive Officer overseeing all aspects of the organization.  As such, he/she is responsible for the day to day operation of Grace House Kingsport, with responsibilities that include fiscal, programming, administration, development, public relations, and all other related areas pertinent in any way to the operation, reputation and integrity of the organization.

Experience working with low income and disadvantaged populations is preferred. The Director of Operations must be a professing Christian and feel called to uphold and strengthen the Christian purpose and mission of Grace House Kingsport. This position reports directly to the Board of Trustees of the organization.

Duties and Responsibilities

Strategic Management:

  • Work with the Board of Directors to develop and maintain a strategic plan for Grace House Kingsport.
  • Make recommendations to the Board of Directors to adopt specific short-range and long-range goals in accordance with the vision and mission to include for operations and programs, volunteer management, and property/facilities.
  • Ensure all plans of Grace House Kingsport support and align with the approved strategic plan and align with ministry goals.
  • Assist the President of the Board in setting the agenda for Board meetings.

Fiscal Management:

  • Work with the Board to develop and adopt annual budgets and annual development plans.
  • Responsible for developing funding sources for operations.
  • Actively guide staff in the achievement of approved plans.
  • Approve budgeting expenditures.
  • Evaluate progress to plans and inform the Board of status on a regular basis.

Development and Public Relations:

  • Develop support for Grace House Kingsport from diverse groups of people, including all ethnic and socio-economic groups, for-profit and nonprofit businesses, and agencies in the government and private sectors.
  • Speak on a regular basis to deliver Grace House Kingsport’s message in the community.
  • Foster and maintain a professional, cooperative relationship with churches, civic groups, government leaders, agencies and other nonprofit businesses.
  • Actively solicit contributions from potential donors.

Program and Staff Management:

  • Recruit, hire, train, support, and supervise all direct reporting staff.
  • Recruit and support all indirect reports.
  • Foster a supportive and accountable environment for all staff.
  • Ensure all staff understand and support the volunteer, development and operational plans of Grace House Kingsport. Work with the personnel committee of the Board to establish personnel policies and job descriptions for the staff of Grace House Kingsport.
  • Implement approved personnel policies.
  • Ensure annual performance reviews are conducted for all employees.

Community Advocate:

  • Recognize the needs and understand the dynamics of the homeless population in our community.
  • Understand and help develop the resources required to meet these needs.

Qualities and Qualifications

A bachelor’s degree from an accredited college or prior work experience related to the duties and responsibilities of the Director of Operations is required.

He/she must demonstrate the necessary leadership, knowledge, skills, and abilities to maintain agency operations. This includes working with financial budgets, program development, facility operations, fundraising, investments, and all other program areas.

Please send your résumé to

Feel free to submit a completed résumé by September 23rd, 2022, to: Kingsport Homeless Ministry, P.O. Box 1125, Kingsport, TN, 37662.