Join Our Drive to Start Grace House Kingsport

The Kingsport Homeless Ministry needs your help now to start a new low-barrier shelter for Kingsport on the 700 Block of East Sullivan St. Our project will fill an unmet need in Kingsport for those experiencing homelessness who, for many reasons, are unable to enter other shelters.

Did You Know?

A 2019 count in Kingsport, TN, found about 150 people experiencing some form of homelessness. By the end of 2020, the city had received referrals on almost 250 people. Combined, all Kingsport shelters have a bed-capacity of only 85, and, currently, there are no low-barrier-approved sheltersKingsport needs more shelter space right now.

Our Plan

We want to use the building as a rehabilitation center and dual-purpose day center and night shelter. The center will have separate sleeping quarters for men and women. No children are expected to be served.  We hope to have a capacity for the night shelter of 35-40, based on fire marshal-set limits.

The center will be available for intake of clients and situational counseling around the clock. Our key service will be to provide access to onsite direct counselors who will monitor clients’ needs, and link clients to medical, mental health, job skills, and housing resources as required. This will be an opportunity to break the cycle of homelessness with a team approach.

Our Work So Far

We have held many open community meetings attended by healthcare and social workers, religious and business leaders, the Mayor, aldermen, and police representatives, interested citizens, and those experiencing homelessness themselves. We have discussed and prayerfully considered many of their hopes and concerns. We have advisory members to ensure that we are working in concert with other area agencies to fill unmet needs and avoid duplication of services.

We have visited several facilities throughout the southeast to see what works best. Our operational model will be based on the successful Urban Ministry Center in Charlotte, NC.

We Need You!

Please give as much as you can, be it money, materials or time. Please work to get your church involved with our ministry. Most importantly, please pray for our homeless neighbors in Kingsport, and the success of our endeavor.

Please give to our GoFundMe campaign:

Or send a check payable to:
Kingsport Homeless Ministry
PO Box 1125
Kingsport, TN 37662